Who are we?

  • We are a team of dedicated healthcare professionals who identified a gap in patient counseling and are making a difference by innovating the patient-centered care process.

  • Our mission is to add quality to simplified patient education while partnering with both the healthcare team and patients.

  • We are committed to breaking the healthcare communication barrier by serving one patient at a time.

Drug Information

We provide clear, concise, and simplified information on most commonly prescribed medications. The information provided includes among others the best way to take the medications, direction of use, common side effects and precautions.

Search and Add

The VoixRx mobile app allows you to search our database for medications and manually create your medication list. You can also personalize your list by adding prescription directions and counseling instructions for each specific medication.

Scan drugs QR Code

If you are receiving medications from our partner pharmacies, you can scan the QR code on your prescription to access your personal counseling information anytime and anywhere. Contact us directly to learn about our partner pharmacies.

Listen in your Language

With an innovative feature, VoixRx allows you to receive digital medication guides in your desired language. It also gives you the option to listen to all medication instructions to amplify your understanding from reading them.

Better Medical Data base

Why VoixRx ?

  • VoixRx is a multilingual digital health application that can tremendously increase patient adherence and compliance. whether you are in the United States or travel around the world, this application can enable you to easily communicate with any healthcare practitioner you come into contact with.

  • VoixRx est une application de santé.Sa fonctionnalité multilangue peut considérablement augmenter l'adhésion et l'observance du patient. Que vous soyez aux États-Unis ou que vous voyagiez dans le monde entier, cette application peut vous permettre de communiquer facilement avec tout professionnel de la santé avec lequel vous entrez en contact.

  • VoixRx - это многоязычное цифровое медицинское приложение, которое может значительно повысить приверженность и приверженность пациентов. Если вы находитесь в Соединенных Штатах или путешествуете по всему миру, это приложение может позволить вам легко общаться с любым врачом, с которым вы контактируете.

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