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About Us


VoixRx is a leading-edge service that innovates the communication between healthcare providers and patients, by utilizing technology to provide important counseling points conveniently at the patients’ fingertips. 


Patient Centered Innovation

VoixRx allows healthcare providers, Pharmacists, Physicians and nurses, to provide counseling to their patients in a faster and more efficient way. Healthcare professionals can now easily provide personalized counseling to patients on all their medications and medical conditions using our user-friendly counseling platform. Patients can also get these counseling points in their PREFERRED LANGUAGES.


VoixRx will always give you what you need  right at your fingertips. 

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Healthcare providers


Who can use VoixRx

Longterm care pharmacies

Mail order pharmacies

Independent and chain pharmacies


Assisted living facilities

Nursing homes

Any entity that serves patients and needs a better counseling platform 

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How to counsel using VoixRx

Healthcare providers use the VoixRx user-friendly web-based platform to access a database that contains well and concise medication counseling information. All you, the provider, have to do is to personalize that information while making it specific for each patient.


Benefits for providers

-As a provider, you can save a great deal of time in your counseling sessions.

-Develop personal relationships with patients by giving them personal specific counseling information.

-Confidence from knowing that your patients will adhere and comply to their regimens

-Increase patient satisfaction

-Be able to quickly, easily, efficiently, and safely counsel each one of your patients including the ones that your deliver medications to.

Features for patients

Mail Order Pharmacy


If you get your prescriptions at home through mail order pharmacy, you can now request to receive your personalized counseling via VoixRx.

Personal Medical Record


Do you have a hard time keeping track of your medications? Now you can save everything in your app and keep a personal medical record.

Do you speak a different language?


VoixRx has you covered. Now you can easily receive your medication instructions in your preferred language.

We currently offer the counseling in 33 different languages, and we keep expanding our platform by adding more languages daily.

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VoixRx will always give you what you need right at your fingertips